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21 Jan 2008 MP3
Interviews: (1) evidence of global warming - Dr. Roger Gifford, and (2) concept of carbon trading - Dr. Helal Ahmed [Sadequr Rahman]
18 Aug 2008 MP3
Reports on BEN Australia seminar and audio CD launch, and an interview with Bangladeshi artist Shahabuddin [Sadequr Rahman]
18 Jan 2010 MP3
Interviews: Climate Change and Bangladesh - (1) Dr. Saleemul Huq, and (2) H.E. Lieut. General Masud Uddin Chowdhury [Ajoy Kar]
03 May 2010 MP3
(1) Dr. Dipen Bhattacharya - space and climate change, and (2) impacts of environmental pollution and its mitigation [Ajoy Kar]
21 Jun 2010 MP3
World Environment Day - state of the environment of Bangladesh and observance of the day in Australia [Ajoy Kar]
10 Jan 2011 MP3
Discussion on environment, bio-diversity, ecology and ethics which become survival imperatives for all species on Earth [Ajoy Kar]
24 Jan 2011 MP3
Interview - Mr. Enam Ul Haque: the state of birds and bird watching as an up-and-coming hobby in Bangladesh [Obaidul Haque]
11 Jul 2011 MP3
Policy, politics and people of climate change and its impact on Bangladesh [Ajoy Kar]
12 Sep 2011 MP3
Feature: 'Birds of Canberra' - natural habitats in and around Canberra, and why birds are thriving in here [Obaidul Haque]
09 Jan 2012 MP3
Interview: Dr. Vernon Bailey - The Environment Meditation and Healing Garden in Canberra and its role in spiritual healing [Ajoy Kar]
04 Jun 2012 MP3
World Environment Day 2012: Highlights of mass poisoning of a population through arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh [Sima Kar]
A comparison of the appearance of the human X and Y chromosomes [Photo: Whitehead Institute, MIT]
02 Sep 2013 MP3
Science: the genetic difference between males and females, female's abilty to control DNA and its possible medical application [Sadequr Rahman]
Community involvement in improving living environment in Dinajpur, Bangladesh [Images:]
28 Oct 2013 MP3
Interview: Architect Paul Pholeros on community involvement in improving living environment in Dinajpur, Bangladesh [Sheikh Lana]
The nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, often used in studies of aging [Credit:]
06 Jan 2014 MP3
How the effects of age can be delayed in humans? - a scientific perspective [Sadequr Rahman]
The European honey bee (Apis melliferra) [Photo:]
17 Mar 2014 MP3
Science: Decline of the honey bee population and its consequences in nature [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Jul 2014 MP3
Interview: Bangladeshi attorney and environmentalist Syeda Rizwana Hasan - state of environment of Dhaka city [Shamaruh Mirza]
Conservation of Bangladesh's nature and environment [Image:]
20 Oct 2014 MP3
Interview: Mr. Muqeed Majumder Babu - biological diversity and sustainable development in Bangladesh [Raquibul Sheikh]
Forests and wildlife in Bangladesh [Image:]
05 Jan 2015 MP3
Interview: Current state of forests and wildlife in Bangladesh - Dr. Ali Reza Khan and Mr. Enam Ul Haque [Obaidul Haque]
Our natural and intellectual pollution [Image: NYTimes]
16 May 2016 MP3
Challenges facing many countries: the physical environment and intellectual freedom [Sadequr Rahman]
'Manush Elo Kotha Theke?' (Part 1) [Image:]
08 Aug 2016 MP3
Science - 'Manush Elo Kotha Theke?' - The origin of human race (Part 1) [Sadequr Rahman]
'Genetic Engineering' - its application, usefulness and harmfulness [Image:]
26 Sep 2016 MP3
[Archive: 2000] 'Genetic Engineering' - its application, usefulness and harmfulness in plain language [Ehsan Ullah]
Special presentation: Catastrophic earthquake in Bangladesh! A matter of time? [Photo from Nepal earthquake:]
24 Oct 2016 MP3
The possibility of a major earthquake in Bangladesh [Ehsan Ullah]
Interview - Dr. Abed Chaudhury: Characteristics of blood sugar level lowering rice 'Shonali Chaal' and how to procure it
12 Dec 2016 MP3
Interview - Dr. Abed Chaudhury: Characteristics of blood sugar level lowering rice 'Shonali Chaal' and how to procure it [Ehsan Ullah]