12 Jul 2010

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This week's program featured - 'ekti shalik pakhi, shiter pitha ar kobita' - reflecting on the expatriates' life in Canberra winter. It presented: (1) the story of friendship between an eleven year old Indian girl Shumita and a Myna named Shona, (2) recitation of poems by popular Indian poet Apurba Dutta at a Canberra function organised recently by the Priyoaustralia.Com, and (3) recollection of memories of traditional 'banglar pitha'. The beautiful songs played in the program 'pakhi amar, ekla pakhi' and 'amar kalo pakhi gelo urey' were sung by Bangladeshi singer Moushumi Kader and Indian singer Swapan Basu respectively. This week's program was produced and presented by Ehsan Ullah.
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'ekti shalik pakhi, shiter pitha ar kobita' - reflecting on the expatriates life in Canberra winter [Ehsan Ullah]
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Monday, July 12, 2010