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Canberra - history, city and attractions

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10 Mar 2008 Listen MP3
(1) Canberra celebrates 95th birthday on 10 March 2008, and (2) article on equal rights of Bangladeshi women [Shireen Ahmad]
Canberra's Naming Ceremony by Lady Denman at Capitol Hill on 12 March 1913 [Photo: National Library of Australia]
07 Jan 2013 Listen MP3
Series: Canberra 100 years - Connection of Bengal with the choice of Canberra as Australia's capital - Architect Shivu Dutta [Obaidul Haque]
The Australian Parliament House in Canberra [Photo:]
11 Feb 2013 Listen MP3
Series: Canberra 100 years - The purpose, setting, character and symbolism of Australia's national capital to Australians [Zaheen Rahman]
Canberra celebrates its 100th birthday on 11 March 2013 [Collage:]
11 Mar 2013 Listen MP3
Series: Canberra 100 years - Views of four Canberra town planners about building a national capital over the century [Sheikh Lana]
22 Jul 2013 Listen MP3
Some beautiful tourist attractions of Canberra - Australia's national capital [Zaheen Rahman]
National Multicultural Festival 2014 [Photo:]
10 Feb 2014 Listen MP3
Coverage of the National Multicultural Festival Canberra 2014 [Zaheen Rahman]
(L-R) Mr. Zillur Rahman, Mr. Mir Hashmat Ali and Mr. Jainal Abedin - leading pioneers in building the Canberra Bangladeshi community [Photo: Ehsan Ullah, 1989]
12 Jun 2017 Listen MP3
Series: The evolution of 'Bangalee Settlement' in Canberra, Australia (Part 1) [Ehsan Ullah]