Bangla Radio Archive - 2017

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'Probaho' - the Bangla music group from Auckland, New Zealand [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
02 Jan 2017 Listen MP3
The story and songs of 'Probaho' - the Bangla music group from Auckland, New Zealand [Ehsan Ullah]
Cadets prepare for parade at the 50th Anniversary celebration of Rajshahi Cadet College (12 March 2016) [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
09 Jan 2017 Listen MP3
Memories of Cadet colleges in Bangladesh (Part 1 of 3) [Ehsan Ullah]
Flags of all Bangladeshi cadet colleges at the Ex-cadets' Forum Australia (ECFA) event "Cadets' Day Out 2016" in Sydney on 25 Sep 2016 [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
16 Jan 2017 Listen MP3
Memories of Cadet colleges in Bangladesh (Part 2 of 3) [Ehsan Ullah]
International students at the Australian National University in Canberra [Photo:]
23 Jan 2017 Listen MP3
[Archive: 2002] Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra welcomes new students to Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
One member of Identity Inclusion support group interviewing a person in need of their services [Photo: @identityinclusion]
30 Jan 2017 Listen MP3
Interview: Ms. Shamsin Ahmed, founder of Identity Inclusion Bangladesh providing mental health services [Shamaruh Mirza]
Drama 'Payer Awaj Pawa Jay' produced by Theatre and directed by Abdullah Al Mamun, 1976 [Photo:]
06 Feb 2017 Listen MP3
[Archive: 2001] Interview: Mr. Ramendu Majumdar and part drama 'Payer Awaj Pawa Jay' [Ehsan Ullah]
History of Bangla language - Professor Anisuzzaman [Image:]
13 Feb 2017 Listen MP3
[Archive: 2001] Interview: Professor Anisuzzaman - History of Bangla language (part 2) [Sakiba Rahman]
Early morning walk at the flower festival [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
20 Feb 2017 Listen MP3
Coverage of the early morning walk at Floriade 2016 flower festival hosted by Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
Australian citizenship - Attraction and feelings of a recent recipient [Image: Bangla Radio]
27 Feb 2017 Listen MP3
Interviews: Australian citizenship - Feelings of a recent recipient [Ehsan Ullah]
International Women's Day - March 8 [Image:]
06 Mar 2017 Listen MP3
Commemoration: International Women's Day (8 March) highlighted by poems and song [Tulip Chaudhury]
Moushumi Bhowmik's songs of Bengalees' past and an uplifting future [Photo: Huzzatul Mursalin Apu, from book 'Positive Light']
13 Mar 2017 Listen MP3
A collection of songs of Indian Bengali singer and songwriter Moushumi Bhowmik [Sadequr Rahman]
Farewell Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya (1961-2017) - We will remember you [Photo:]
20 Mar 2017 Listen MP3
Tribute: Popular Bengali folk singer Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya (1961-2017) [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
The liberation war through poems [Image:]
27 Mar 2017 Listen MP3
Commemoration: Bangladesh's 47th Independence Day on 26 March 2017 through poems [Shampa Barua]
Students of ORCA Home Chittagong paying tribute to the Rana Plaza victims [Photo: ORCA]
03 Apr 2017 Listen MP3
Memories of Cadet colleges in Bangladesh (Part 3 of 3) [Ehsan Ullah]
About poetry: Recitation artiste Shimul Mustafa - an interview [Photo:]
10 Apr 2017 Listen MP3
Interview: Bangladeshi recitation artiste Shimul Mustafa - poetry and life [Sheikh Lana]
From Bangla Radio Archive - Information for prospective Bangladeshi students (Pt 1) [Photo: Obaidul Haque]
17 Apr 2017 Listen MP3
[Archive: 2001] Interviews: (Pt 1) Information for Bangladeshi students planning to undertake higher studies at Australian universities [Obaidul Haque]
Lest We Forget - ANZAC DAY - April 25th [Image: Australian War Memorial]
24 Apr 2017 Listen MP3
Commemoration: ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand through songs and poem [Zaheen Rahman]
Remembering Satyajit Ray [Image:]
01 May 2017 Listen MP3
Remembering Satyajit Ray the greatest film maker on his 96th birth anniversary [Luna Purification]
A blessed Buddha Purnima [Image:]
08 May 2017 Listen MP3
Commemoration: 'Buddha Purnima' - birth, enlightenment and death anniversary of Lord Buddha through poem and songs [Shampa Barua]
'Canberra Boishakhi Mela 1424'  [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
15 May 2017 Listen MP3
Coverage: 'Canberra Boishakhi Mela 1424' organised by Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra - Pt 1 [Raquibul Sheikh]
Canberra Bangla School students' presentation at the Boishakhi Mela 1424 [Photo: Canberra Bangla School]
22 May 2017 Listen MP3
Coverage: 'Canberra Boishakhi Mela 1424' organised by Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra - Pt 2 [Tasneem Rahman]
Dance artistes welcome monsoon at the day-long monsoon festival at Bangla Academy, Dhaka on 12 June 2015 [Photo: Zakir Hossain]
29 May 2017 Listen MP3
A composition of songs by Bangladesh's national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on 'monsoon' [Sheikh Lana]
A painting showing Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779) taking possession of New South Wales, Australia [Souce: Images]
05 Jun 2017 Listen MP3
Stories of discovery: (1) discovery of Australia by Captain James Cook, (2) discovery by astrophysicist Prof Brian Schmidt [Tanvir Hossain]
(L-R) Mr. Zillur Rahman, Mr. Mir Hashmat Ali and Mr. Jainal Abedin - leading pioneers in building the Canberra Bangladeshi community [Photo: Ehsan Ullah, 1989]
12 Jun 2017 Listen MP3
Series: The evolution of 'Bangalee Settlement' in Canberra, Australia (Part 1) [Ehsan Ullah]