Poems of liberation [Image: Rayerbazar Boddho Bhumi/Rashid Talukder in 1971]
Poems of liberation [Image: Rayerbazar Boddho Bhumi/Rashid Talukder in 1971]
20 Nov 2017 Listen MP3

This week's program presented a beautiful collection of poems - 'Muktir Kobita' - written on the theme of Bangladesh's liberation war and Independence in 1971. The poems, written by renowned Bangladeshi poets, captured the spirit, endurance and expectation of the liberation war. The recitations used in the program were by Asaduzzaman Noor, Shimul Mustafa, Mahidul Islam and Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob. The theme instrumentals used in the program were played by Ustad Sultan Khan in Sarangi and Shukkur Ali in flute. This week's program was produced and presented by Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob.

Bangla short story 'Modhumaloti' written by Sharadindu Bandopadhay [Image: visualhunt.com]
13 Nov 2017 Listen MP3

Reading of a Bangla short story 'Modhumaloti' originally broadcast by Radio Mirchi, Kolkata [Ehsan Ullah]

'Muhurto' presents 'Hridoy Jurey Bangladesh' [Image: poster by Muhurto]
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Coverage: 'Hridoy Jurey Bangladesh' - charity concert organised by ‘Muhurto’ in Canberra [Zaheen Rahman]

Bangladesh through the eye of second generation expatriates [Photo: The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra - Ehsan Ullah]
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Viewpoints: What does it mean to be of a Bangladeshi origin growing up in Australia? [Tulip Chaudhury]